Welcome to Groove Notes!

6 Oct

Groove Notes will provide the opportunity to examine and discuss all things jazz. It will offer a perspective on recordings new and old, artist information, concert happenings, and any other jazz related topics big or small. Groove Notes will also allow readers a chance to hear and see audio and video related to these topics and give them a chance to offer their own responses to any of the postings.


One Response to “Welcome to Groove Notes!”

  1. Mike Lubliner October 25, 2008 at 2:32 pm #


    Perhaps this blog is new way to get the Olympia Jazz scene out to more folks and begin a dialogue of present events and past great memories? As a KPLU Olympia listener, I and other Oly Jazziods encourage KPLU to do everything it can to help.

    I look foward to your assistance and suggestions!

    Oly’s has a great Jazz history, and great current and future events. For starters how about KPLU pluggin the Jonell Mosser gig at the Kenneth J. Minnaert at South Puget Sound Community College TONIGHT? This gig is part of the 3rd annual Jazz Arts series. Jonell Mosser of Nashville blends Jazz, R&B and Gospel music forms. The opening act is local jazz great Jim Pribbenow, and freinds. For tickets go to spscc.edu/cfa or call 360-596-5501.

    The first concert of the SPCC series was Maraca from Havana, Cuba. It was a sell out. The second concert (TONIGHT) should be great, but we need a good turnout! The next is the January 23rd guitar summit with Larry Correll, John Stowell and Pablo Menendez from Havana, Cuba. The final concert will be pianist Mark Lavine with the Olympia High School Jazz band. Every concert will include local musicians as we work hard to support the local music scene. Also every year these gigs support kids in Jazz with a high school Jazz band and a nationally know artist to direct the band. For information on the Jazz series contact Cassie Welliver at cwelliver@spscc.ctc.edu or Michael Olson at msolson6@qwest.net .

    Also, Ben Moores Restaurant has free Jazz every Sat night and Thursday night pianist Mike Moore play. Mike is Ben’s son and long-time member of Olympia’s Obrador and has great stories of the Olympia Jazz scene!

    As a TESC student of the 1970’s, the Oly venues such as Gnu and Rainbow restaurant, TESC, Red Kellys, etc.. exposed me to Mingus, Corea, Fortune, Barbara Donald, Sonny Simmons, etc.. etc.. There are a host of local greats still here such as Bert Wilson, Joe Baque etc.. ect.. who folks really need to support!

    Spead the word :Jazz Sound Best In Oly!!!

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