Red Norvo Goes Crazy – With Benny Goodman

26 May

You’ve got to watch this one. I’ve heard this was actually a regular bit that Red and Benny Goodman did, but I still thought it was great. Thanks to Troy Oppie for passing this along.

The Song Is Called Gotta Be this Or That
Featuring Benny Goodman On Clarinet And Vocal, Hank Jones On Piano, Red Norvo On Vibraphone, Bucky Pizzareilli On Guitar, Slam Stewart On Bass, Grady Tate On Drums, Zoot Sims and Al Klink On Saxophones, Bobby Hackett, Bernie Previn On Trumpets.

One Response to “Red Norvo Goes Crazy – With Benny Goodman”

  1. Robin Lloyd June 15, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

    Go, Zoot!
    Great to see the Hank Jones hands in action.
    The funniest things about this, in ascending order:
    1. Benny Goodman’s vocals
    2. Slam Stewart and his chorus
    3. Red Norvo’s jacket

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