Stormy Weather

22 Feb

This is one of Fats Waller’s last performances, from the 1943 musical Stormy Weather. This film was a rare Hollywood production featuring a predominantly African-American cast. The 75 minute film was short on plot, but filled with cool music and dance (20 numbers) from some of the major artists of the time, including Waller, Cab Calloway, Bill Bojangles Robinson, The Nicholas Brothers, and the young and beautiful Lena Horne. And keep an eye out for jazz legend Benny Carter, playing trumpet in Waller’s band.

2 Responses to “Stormy Weather”

  1. Paul Rauch March 1, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    Again I write in frustration of hearing single tracks from albums, repeated tracks, a general lack of depth in your programs. Why should one continue to listen? You need to understand that late night listeners are often frequent listeners, those who tune in for many hours. A more in depth would help support the jazz community in terms of CD sales (benefiting the station through playlist amazon purchases), and general enthusiasm for the entire product. Speaking of which, when will I see Abe or Kevin at a gig, such as those at Tula’s? You fellows need to heed the example, the passion of your mentor, Mr. Wilkie.

  2. Kevin Kniestedt March 5, 2011 at 7:23 am #

    Thank you for your thoughts, Paul. In regards to your thoughts on KPLU’s music selection, you are always welcome to contact our Music Director, Nick Francis.

    As far as my gig attendance, I will say that I regularly attend jazz shows in the Seattle area. I don’t, however, feel it all that necessary to publicize my attendance, which might be why there is an assumption that I’m not there.

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