The FBI Files of Billie Holiday (via Groove Notes)

14 Sep

Periodically I might re-post a blog entry from a while back when Groove Notes was in its infant stages that you might otherwise not have had a chance to see unless you did some heavy archive digging.

The FBI Files of Billie Holiday will be one of those. Our early readers found this very interesting, and now that we have a much wider readership, I felt it was interesting enough to share again with those of you who came aboard later in the game. Here you go.

The FBI Files of Billie Holiday Thanks to the wonders of the web (not to mention the Freedom of Information Act), I happened to come across some documents relating to the arrest of Billie Holiday. Files include a variety of interesting things, including newspaper clippings, and letters to and from J. Edgar Hoover. Take a look! … Read More

via Groove Notes

One Response to “The FBI Files of Billie Holiday (via Groove Notes)”

  1. Russ Layne September 20, 2010 at 4:53 am #


    Caught your show while I was out in the Pacific Northwest most of August. Very hip…very hip.


    Russ Layne
    Executive Director
    Sugarloaf Music Series

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